I began at Groz-Beckert in 1991 as a trainee. The most exciting time so far was from 2004 to 2010 at our Indian subsidiary in Chandigarh. I lived and worked there with my family as expatriates. The intercultural gains especially have enriched my professional career very much and serve me well even today.

My daily work consists of examining new developments in technical production matters and guiding new needle types from development to series production with regard to quality. I am still fascinated by the precision required daily in needle production, when we begin to split the mμ in fine Swabian fashion.

For me, Groz-Beckert is a stable company that looks to the future and has perspective, even beyond the borders of Germany. The opportunity for in-house training, to take on responsibility, and a particularly loyal approach in many areas are just a few of the aspects I value greatly at Groz-Beckert.

And we live in an area where others come to on vacation. In particular, I very much enjoy cycling, the free time I spend with my children, or working in my own garden.