My journey took me from North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017 to Groz-Beckert in the Swabian Alb mountains. After just two years with the company, I can look back on countless exciting service assignments at customers both in Germany and abroad. In addition to general tasks in customer service, I particularly enjoy commissioning our machines at our customers.

I’m responsible for the installation of the machine, and also familiarizing the customers with the technology directly on-site. It’s true that I’m on the road a lot with my job and often on my own. But the close and effective cooperation with my team means that it's always nice to provide quick support for our customers with their problems.

When I’m back in Albstadt, I like to use the Groz-Beckert fitness studio and enjoy riding my motorbike along the winding roads of the Swabian Alb mountains. Swabia and Groz-Beckert have become a new home for me. And even though the Swabian dialect spoken by my colleagues still takes some getting used to at times, I feel really at home here. But a “Weckle” will always be a bread roll to me!