Groz-Beckert as a training company

Start your adventure into the future at Groz-Beckert. The company has been family owned since 1852 and thus provides a perfect environment for a successful future.

Groz-Beckert provides scores of benefits – more than the minimum legally required. Apprentice and student routines constantly throw up new tasks. Let the facts win you over.

Career entry made easy

Apprentices and dual students jump right into professional life with lots of activity. After a one-week orientation phase at the company it has become a tradition at Groz-Beckert that all new technical and commercial apprentices and dual students are invited to an introductory week in Wolfach in the Black Forest.

Here the newbies are broken in: morning calisthenics before breakfast, a diverse day program and a lot of information on the company. Different topics, such as products, are independently prepared and subsequently presented in groups. Of course, it's not just about "dry" topics. Whether a high ropes course, hiking through the beautiful Black Forest or playing soccer – team building plays an important role in Wolfach.

Gaining impressions

Each year there is a highlight awaiting the apprentices – whether it's co-designing a training fair, visiting the metal working fair AMB or a trip to the world's largest textile-machine exhibition ITMA. The Groz-Beckert apprentice team has much to offer.

Would you like to be a manager?

The apprentice company "Next Generation" has scores of tasks available. A team of two or three technical and one or two commercial apprentices manages the company on a daily basis. There is much to do: from customer acquisition and production of orders to distribution of products.

Regularly awaiting the apprentices are thus special tasks to be mastered. One of them is organizing the annual in-house Christmas campaign. Apprentices in different years of their apprenticeship are responsible for organizing and preparing the campaign. This includes, for example, the annual Christmas raffle. There they have to pack gifts which are auctioned by the other employees later. There is much to take into consideration: Is there sufficient wrapping paper? What happens if gifts run out? On which day do we schedule the auction? Through this type of activity, apprentices learn up close what it means to manage complex tasks. If everything has gone well there will be reason enough to pat one another on the backs. And that's motivation for new and challenging tasks!

Creativity requested

Every day the same grind and no variety in the work routine? Not in an apprenticeship at Groz-Beckert. We provide the opportunity, with a wide range of projects, to shoulder responsibility and advance the company. We love initiative and creative ideas that steadily bring us forward, and it's no different for the Apprentice website.

After more than eight years in existence the apprentices have taken the initiative and reinvented the wheel. A project team was set up, brains were stormed, a concept hammered out, IT students and apprentices from the IT division started programing, apprentices put on their editor's hats and drafted texts, and suddenly a new Apprentice webiste was born!

Technologically it is cutting-edge and even responsive – contents adapt to the size of the screen they are displayed on. And that's not everything - every two weeks the apprentice website team gets together to talk about new developments and to prepare publication. This ensures a continuously updated and informative website.

Gathering cross-cultural experience

Another highlight of apprenticing at Groz-Beckert is the opportunity to spend several weeks abroad at a production subsidiary. The sites in the Czech Republic, Portugal, China, Vietnam, Belgium and India have already been visited by apprentices and students. This gives them the opportunity to get to know other cultures. But no one needs to rely on themselves. Groz-Beckert's on-site employees look after the "foreign" apprentices very well and introduce them to one or the other cultural peculiarity of the respective country. It makes for lots to talk about when they return to Germany.

The voice of the apprentices at the company

Youth and Apprentice Representation campaigns for the special interests of apprentices and of employees aged under 25 years. The Youth and Apprentice Representation at Groz-Beckert currently consists of seven apprentices who come from technical as well as commercial divisions.

Tasks of the YAR
Youth and Apprentice Representation must represent the interests of apprentices and employees under 25 years of age so that the workers' council can take their concerns properly into account. YAR furthermore organizes various events such as the Christmas party or company tours.

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